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Monday, 7 April 2014


Kay, hey guys

Haven't posted in the longest time ever, yeah, I know.

Been too busy to post lately!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I love secondary school life just not the homework the tests the exams and the early-hour waking up.

Welp bye gotta study BYEEEE

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Auction Block

Hi guys!

Yes that building is called "Auction Block," although due to laziness we just say "the auctions." (For example: "I'm going to put her in auctions are you sure you don't want her?")

What are these?
These are, obviously, auction blocks! It allows subscribers to sell their horses they don't want there, and for certain prices they can put their horses there for certain amounts of time.

Who buys the horses?
Well, if you set the minimum bid to $0, there'll be a Foreign Bidder ready to bid on your horse. Variables which might affect horse values are: Exp on horse, stat-trainings on horse, personality, whether its pregnant, whether it has tack/companions.

Who on Earth is the Foreign Bidder?
We can have a few sub-titles on this matter.

Where does he come from?
He's from a faraway place where there are no horses. Can you imagine?? NO HORSES!! So he comes to Horse Isle as the Foreign Bidder and bids on any sort of horse whose minimum bid isn't too high and takes them back to his own place.

Does he take the horses back here?
The answer is a big fat NO. So in other words if your horse is taken by the Foreign Bidder, say goodbye. Your horse will disappear from Horse Isle. If you don't want this to happen, you can change the settings to REJECT (KEEP ON HI) when setting your minimum bid.

How much does he usually bid?
He usually bids around 4k~5k (4,000~5,000). You can check this amount also in the settings where you change your minimum bid. It will show like this:

BLAH BLAH BLAH: +/- *amount of money here*

Depending on the amount of tack, the pregnancy, the color, experience or trainings you have on your horse, the *amount of money here* will be different. The +/- sign means that it will be around this amount.

Okay I know this will hurt but I didn't understand a word you said.
Don't worry, just head to the PlainTon auction block and talk to the person there! He/She will tell you about the Foreign Bidder any time if you ask!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello everyone this is WarriorBlueFur checking in with all you LC and Eternal users!

YES THIS CONCERNS ALSO ETERNAL USERS. If you are an Eternal user, which I was but now I'm now.

As you can see in the title, you'll need to save up your money. And learn to spend it wisely.

Here's some tips:
1. Only buy what you need
2. If you want to build some things on your ranch please make sure they can help you to regain some of the money you've lost in building that thing
3. Doing quests, mini-games and doing competitions and doing the Jobs Board in the City Hall can easily earn you 20k or above.

Because, see, lots of people would like to buy Subscription Tokens for a better life on the game, but last time I checked (which was two hours ago), the subs in the Item Stores on Ranches were at least 1m 800k ($1,800,000). Heck even I can't save that much money in a month's time.

So we have two choices: earn our money through a month's of hard work and waste it on a simple sub token (my sister prefers to have her sub expire, and walk around and make some more money before buying a token) OR we can lower the prices of subs.

What do you think?

Of course you would want to lower the prices! So please please please spread the word to your buddies, clubbies, arena competitors! THE DAYS OF THE 350k SUB ARE ALL OVER. THE REIGN OF THE 1m 800k SUB HAS STARTED. If we want to overthrow this horrible king, please please please do not care about HI Game money for once and start lowering the prices of subs!
Seriously. There's a sub token selling for 1billion dollars. And once again, I state:
When I first came on the Game. All subs were selling for 350k-500k.
Cheap? Really cheap. Now? TOO EXPENSIVE.

PLEASE make it easier for the players who are broke and do not have money. Only a few people post ads to sell subs lower than 700k and they seldom have over 5 subs to sell.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Quiz Questions

Hey guys! Standardized test week is over (at our school) and now apart from the homework I'll be focusing here too.

Have you been wondering how to answer those 45-second quiz questions?

If yes, then just click the link below!

Good things:
Has most of the 45-second quiz questions and answers.

Bad things:
You'll need to have an Esroh Legends account.
The list isn't complete so if you find anything missing you'll need to report it. There should be a sentence saying something like "click here for something something."

Have fun earning that extra 1k bonus those quiz questions give you!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Breeding Rare Breeds

Hello! Do you see the fish over there? ------>

They don't die, no matter how long I don't feed them (must've been months). I would like breeds to be like this too. Striving in the wild and in our care.

New Forest Pony numbers have dropped since I last checked (300)! Now there's only 200 Ponies in care. Here I am trying to find a partner for breeding them and Camargues :)

I hope all of you LC players can give up your American Mustangs and exchange them for the least owned breeds i.e. New Forest Ponies, Suffolk Punch, Sorraia are the three least owned breeds.

I hope you can all get their numbers back up to at least 500! I'm trying to do this too, so support the breeds or they'll go...


Although I'm not sure that's possible.

Mail me at WarriorBlueFur if interested in these breeding programs and log on at around 1:40 HI time.

~Purebred Camargue Program~
~Purebred New Forest Pony Program~
~Camargue Color Program~

Elaborating more on the ~Camargue Color Program~

There are only three possible colors for the Camargue! I hope by breeding them with other breeds I can make more colors (don't think this is possible but worth a try!).

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Breed Rare Breeds!

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm here to tell you all about RARE BREEDS.

Currently the rarest breed is the New Forest Pony. The most owned breed is the American Mustang.

So now I urge you all to sell all your AM's to foreign and focus on the rare breeds :P So that they won't become extinct.

I've sold all my Welsh Mountain Ponies and American Mustangs in exchange for some Camargues (never heard of them? It's normal) and New Forest Ponies. Cost me a lot to buy them.
I bought three NFP's for 155k.

How do you go and search which breed is the most rarest?

Click the link below:

Of course you'll need to login first.

For more information you can see the thread "We-Need-You-To-Breed-Rare-Breeds" by Aro in the Forums->The Game. Also you can mail me @WarriorBlueFur.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The 700k Sub


This is about the sub tokens on LC. Have you ever noticed that the times of the 350k sub are over and the reign of the 1m sub has started?

I think we need to lower the prices of sub tokens to a maximum of 700k. That is the average sub token price and the goal is much easier to reach than the 1m sub.

And with the 700k sub, if everyone sets it as the price for the sub, the prices of the subs won't just keep rising higher and higher, and if the subs rise higher and higher, LC will start losing players like on Eternal, where subs sell for 5m. Now you don't want that, do you?

So I am now urging you to put this warning in your heart, all you LC players. Keep your subs lower than 700k, or LC will suffer!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lists of Arenas

Here you may find all the lists of arenas.

Plains Isle: Jockey
Narrowed Isle: Barrel Racing
Meadow Isle: Reining
Angled Forest Isle: Cross Country
Dry Isle: Desert Racing
Glacier Isle: Drafting (in other words, Maths)
Leaf Isle: Beauty (no tack needed)
Tiger Isle: Cutting

PS: Akhal Teke + Appaloosa = 100% Nez Perce Horse

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Item Store

An item store earns you more money.

You'll need a ranch level of 7, and the store costs 400k to build.

You may put a maximum amount of ten things in the store. For example:

1. green dye
2. blue dye
3. yellow dye
4. black dye
5. purple dye
6. salmon dye
7. gray dye
8. cooked fish
9. spools of twine
10. Demeter's cornucopia

On each category you may put 1000 items.

For example:
Green Dye (1000 available)

Bear in mind that if you remove an item from your store, and its stock exceeds the maximum in your inventory (250), all extra stocks are lost.

For example:
Green Dye (256 available)

Remove item from store                  -click-
(You will have 250 jars of green dye in your inventory; the 6 extras are lost.)

Here's a tip:
Some people want the stuff but don't want to sell them. Buy an item store. Set the prices to very very high. No one will buy them, but you'll have extra storage!

Green Dye (689 available)                           $1,000,000   [BUY]

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Angleton Bank Savings Account

This is a quest.

Talk to the woman in the Angleton Bank.
Go get 50k on hand and talk to her again. Remember, ON HAND.
Then go and get 250k on hand and talk to her. ON HAND.
Then for the final time go and get 1m (1,000,000) on hand and talk to her. ON HAND.

Your reward is 25k.

There's a bonus quest, but it's pretty hard.

Go talk to MadamHighFinance again. She asks you to get 10m (10,000,000) on hand and talk to her.

I don't know what the bonus is, exactly, because I'm still working on the quest.